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Much prettier than the bruise, don’t you think? Black and navy blue are one of those color combinations that can be a bit tricky because they are so similar. The main issue here is making sure it’s clear that you intended to wear the two colors together and not that, in your groggy, still-half-asleep, morning state, you accidentally grabbed something navy that you thought was black or vice versa. The best way to do this is to make sure you’re wearing more than one piece in each color. One piece could be a mistake. Two, well, either you dressed blindfolded or it’s intentional.

Since they’re both such dark colors, it’s a good idea to lighten them up with some white or ivory just to balance things out. If you want to inject a little more color, try adding a shot of something in the red-orange family—maybe a piece of jewelry or even just lipstick. Jewelry-wise, gold tones are a nice accent because they bring some warmth to an otherwise cool palette.

Obviously, these colors are preferable for cooler weather (unless you enjoy slowly roasting in the summer sun), so now is the time to start wearing them. The outfit below is perfect during these transition months when the weather wavers between comfortable and chilly. The layering of the blouse and blazer allows for adjusting to the weather’s whims and the leather shorts (oh, how I want a pair) can be worn as is or, for cooler temperatures, paired with black opaque tights.

Clockwise from top left:
Rachel Rachel Roy Batwing Blouse, $69
Club Monaco Alessia Leather Short, (price not available)
Gorjana Chloe Stud Earring, $35
Leonie Saliba Soft Leather Handbag, $85
Enzo Angiolini Rachey Boot, $79
American Apparel Passport Blue Nail Polish, $6
ASOS Boyfriend Blazer, $93

So, do you wear black and navy together?



  1. eli:

    I absolutely agree with your view in every point you touched regarding this colour combination. I have also found that when I want to combine those two, I have to make sure that the clothes are of very good quality, it’s only then, I find, that this daring pairing is a real success.

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