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Hi guys! Sorry, but there’s no real post for today due to some unforeseen drinking and a whole lot of coma-inducing food last night. I promise (PROMISE) I’ll have something good for you tomorrow.

In the meantime, I will leave you with these crazy Christian Louboutin Unique (oh yes, they are definitely unique) 140 boots to ponder:

Discuss amongst yourselves.


I inherited a beautiful black cameo locket from my grandmother several years back. It’s a gorgeous necklace—a real statement piece with its large carved ebony face and gold trim—but what I really love about it is that it still has the original photos my grandmother so lovingly placed in there. They’re not photos of my grandfather or her two children as you might expect. No, inside her locket are two yellowing newspaper photos of heartthrob movie stars from decades ago. Unfortunately, I don’t recognize the men in the pictures, so I can’t really date the images (40s? 50s?), but there’s no way I would ever remove them. It’s those photos that make the locket as special as it is.

Maybe it’s my grandmother’s locket that’s to blame for why I’m drawn to, not just the one below, but all lockets. Wearing a locket is like wearing a little secret around your neck, don’t you think? This one just screams old Hollywood glamor to me. The black enamel and abalone shell inset are such a great combination and work beautifully with the antique gold details and chain. The over-sized locket would look equally gorgeous with a sleek black maxi dress or a relaxed V-neck tee and slouchy satiny trousers. (Maybe it’s the old Hollywood association, but I want to wear this with something silky or satiny, anything soft and slippery to the touch.) With such a versatile piece, the only real question you need to ask yourself is whose photos are you going to place inside it.

Rachel Rachel Roy Abalone Obsess Locket, $75


As you already know, last Thursday was my 30th birthday. Maybe it was to keep myself from dwelling on the fact that I was getting older, but I became a little obsessed with finding the perfect birthday party dress. I spent a good few weeks searching every single store that I could think of—both online and brick and mortar—and I was coming up empty at every turn. I wanted something special. Something that was sexy but sophisticated and a little bit outside my comfort zone. And I made one rule for myself: it could not be a little black dress. That would be too easy for me (and it was, because at each store I visited, I had to remind myself to step away from a black dress). It was an exhaustive search, but I finally found something (on sale no less) just a week before the big day.

Clockwise from top left:
Grayson Mae earrings, price available upon request
Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent “Czar” dress, $298
MAC Russian Red lipstick, $14.50
Grayson Mae bracelet, price available upon request
Hive and Honey Lorna pumps, $40

Gold! Definitely not a color I would normally choose. And strapless, something else I’m only just warming up to for myself. I also tried something new with my makeup. I’m not very well-versed or experimental when it comes to makeup, but I’ve been seeing bright red lips all over the place and I thought this was the perfect time to try them out. I’m really sorry I didn’t try it sooner; I loved the look. Better late than never, right? I also whipped up a bracelet and earrings for myself and pulled out a pair of black platform pumps from my closet. Voilá, my birthday outfit!

And here’s me wearing it all:

Have you ever obsessed about finding the perfect outfit for a special event?


Yesterday was my birthday. Not just ANY birthday, but my 30th. The number doesn’t really bother me so much. It’s really everything I’ve attached to this age career-wise, family-wise, all-around-life-wise. It’s a big number to me, and it’s been stressing me out a bit as of late.

However, the upside to getting older is that it’s usually accompanied by gifts. This I like. My husband gave me this:

Read the rest of this entry »


August is bittersweet for me. On the one hand, I’m sad to see summer dwindling away. On the other, I start to get a bit lethargic by mid-August, the sweltering summer days droning on and on. I’m eager for a change, something new.

It’s really no surprise then that I still associate the end of summer with getting ready to go back to school. There’s that same ambivalence: the excitement of starting fresh versus, well, having to go back to school.

Predictably, one of the things I loved was shopping for new clothes and school supplies. The one thing I never bought though was a proper school satchel to carry my books. Sure, I went through backpacks and messenger bags, but never anything as studious and scholarly as a leather satchel. The kind that looks better the more worn in it gets. I love the roomy, rectangular shape, the abundance of pockets to keep everything organized, and all the options for wearing them (crossbody, on one shoulder, or held like a briefcase). But, more than anything, I love the buckles. What can I say, hardware makes me drool.

Here are a few of my top picks for bringing back a little of that going-back-to-school kind of excitement:

Clockwise from top left:
Anthropologie Zipways Bag, $188
Sabina Fold and Buckle Bag, $89
Topshop Medium Buckle Leather Satchel, $100
ASOS Leather Twist Lock Satchel, $118
Marc by Marc Jacobs Saddlery Sophie Leather Shoulder Bag, $478

And if money is no object:

Mulberry Oversized Alexa, $1250


Reasons why I love this dress:

1. It’s red. Very red.
2. The strong, but ruffled bubble shoulders.
3. The deep V-neck.
4. The perfect 1940s screen siren hourglass shape.
5. Did I mention it’s red?

Topshop Plain Bubble Sleeve Dress, $80


My office is “business casual”, but no one in my department actually abides by this ruling from HR. What can I say, we’re rebels.  But if I did, I would happily wear dresses like this one from Gap all the time. You already know I love gray and I’m a sucker for anything and everything ruffled, so this dress really is a no-brainer. I also love the nod to the 70s/80s secretary dress with that floppy bow at the neck. I can almost hear the typewriter keys clacking.

A ladylike dress like this calls for some sexy but sweet peep-toes like these or these (I’m partial to the turquoise and corally red). Keep jewelry to a minimum because of the busy neckline; a simple, flirty bracelet and/or some delicate stud earrings are all you need. Layer on a little cardigan in a bright color and some opaque black or even dark plum tights to help carry the dress into cooler weather.

Color is key though. I don’t think I can emphasize that enough. Add some wherever you can, even if it’s just some candy apple red nail polish or a skinny mustard yellow belt. Don’t succumb to drabness. Between the mind-numbing fluorescent lighting and the bland institutional decor, the workplace is usually screaming for some life. Why not wake it up a little?


Once upon a time, a pretty little denim jacket fell in love with a handsome band jacket. They got busy and created this beauty. The aptly named Jean Splicing Jacket from Anthropologie is quite lovely, no? The panels of light and dark denim, the black piping, the cinched waist, the lingerie-style metal clasps. I particularly like how they’ve taken a traditionally rugged fabric like denim and made it polished and utterly feminine. It’s a great upgrade from your standard grab-and-go boxy denim jacket.

Pair this with a pair of black pants or jeans (I don’t think I need to tell you to avoid blue jeans at all costs, right?) and a simple, little camisole. Nothing too busy, because you want to keep the focus on all of the jacket’s great details. Add some color with your shoes and finish the look off with a somewhat structured bag. Or try a bright little mini (in “bronzed twig”) with a pair of black platform ankle booties and a pair of simple but dramatic hoop earrings.

When two cute jackets styles come together, we all live happily ever after.

The End.


I’ve been searching for the perfect watch for a while now. Nothing flashy or cotton candy sweet. (I don’t know what it is, but watch designers seem to think all of us ladies like pastels and fake diamonds sprinkled all over our timepieces.) No, I want something classic with a strong silhouette, clean lines, and a sleek face. Basically, I want a man’s watch. However, finding a watch that looks like a man’s but is small enough for my wrist has been somewhat of a challenge. Thankfully, there are some options out there.

I prefer a metal link bands for both their durability and versatility and the fact that you can have them sized to fit your wrist properly.  Nothing is worse than a watch that spins around your wrist so that the face is never in the right spot. Silver, gold, or a little bit of both, the color of the metal is really up to you. I’m also quite fond of  chronographs because they give a watch an extra bit of masculine, utilitarian style. Not that I really need any more information from my watch than the time (nor am I completely sure what all of those little dials are for), but it’s a nice design element, form and function all in one.

Here are some choices:

Clockwise from top left:
Marc by Marc Jacobs “Henry” Chronograph Watch, $200
Fossil Maddox Analog Black Dial Watch, $85
Michael Kors Chronograph Watch, $254
Fossil Analog Champagne Dial Watch, $95
Victorinox Swiss Army “Officers” Chronograph Watch, $595